Adding Party Types and Business types in the Delta Sales App from web panel.


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To create parties, the user has to create "Business Types" and "Party Types" at the beginning. Business types are optional while Party Types is required. To create the Business Types and Party Types go to the settings panel.

Click on the Admin profile on the top right corner and click on the Settings as shown below.

Click on the "Customization" tab.

Click on the "Business Types".

Enter the Business type and click on the “Add Business Type”.

Enter the Business type and click on the “Add Business Type”.

Adding Party Types

To add the party types, click on the Party Types below.

Enter the name, short name and Select the Superior. The Superior can only be selected if that is created already. While creating the order, when a party A is selected, inside the “Ordered to :” , only the superior party B can be selected.

In the above figure, United Distributors Pvt Ltd. is the superior of the party Best Deals Brt.

A typical hierarchy for the party is shown below:

To delete a party, first the parties below it must be deleted first. Also the parties cannot be deleted once order has been taken for that party.

Standalone Party Type without any Superior can be created.

To view the parties created click on the “Parties” module. Inside the Parties module , party Types are found and parties are arranged according to the Party types.

Note: The "Accounting" tab will appear only in the single level party type setup. 

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